As a parent, I especially appreciate the terrific organization and communication. Such is rare and invaluable with kids' extracurricular activities and particularly music instructors or centers. Whether it's scheduling, lesson feedback, payments or events, everything is concise, simple and accurate. Further, it's very reasonable and convenient with plenty of free parking! It's also next to the Spotted Trotter ;-D
I started taking piano lessons here in August, first with Parker, then with Chris, and never could've imagined how much ground could be covered in 4 months. The place is laid back and open, with lots of great books around and records on the walls, and stuff for younger kids to doodle on and play with. The instructors are great at helping to figure out what it is you're after (if you're not sure), and are all extremely thorough and patient. If you're even remotely interested in getting started with music (at any age), or looking for a place to up your music game, look no further.
Great intro lesson! Parker Let me learn at my own pace, and was able to recommend songs/techniques perfect for a beginner bassist. The Guitar Shed is new, but already becoming nice and homey.
I'm taking ongoing lessons with Parker at Guitar Shed, and I'm loving the experience! I was completely new to guitar, but I feel like I've already come a long way in just a few months. He teaches with songs, so it feels like you accomplish a lot with every song.
Wonderful teacher! I had never taken lessons before, but was eager to learn and Parker was really wonderful to work with! He took into account what kind of music I liked, and helped me learn some of my favorite songs, which made taking lessons fun and interesting. I would highly recommend him as a teacher for any age!!
"In observing Parker's lessons with my son, I consistently see the demonstration of intelligent teaching sequences as well as moments of intuition that result in engaging and productive lessons. I witness my own son making real music with a real musician at every lesson." 
I had been playing guitar for 40 years and had acheived complete mediocrity when I met Parker through a friend. After six months of lessons, I learned more than I had in all the time I played. He really helped me open the fretboard and exposed me to both practical theory and some easy shortcuts. Best of all, he is a patient teacher and a cool cat. I always loved playing guitar, but I am having more fun than ever after my lessons with Parker. If you are thinking of taking your playing to the next level, you can do no better than Parker.
I took guitar lessons from Parker for over 4 years. The only reason that I stopped was because he moved away to complete his Masters degree at University of Texas. When I started my lessons with Parker I had not touched my guitar in over 30 years. Parker had me up and comfortable playing very quickly. Within about three months I had joined a rock band playing rhythm guitar and a year later I started my own band playing lead guitar. I could not have done this without Parker's amazing ability to help me learn new songs and playing techniques quickly. Parker has a great ear for music and can figure out songs/chords that others can't get. I cannot recommend Parker more strongly. A great musician, teacher, and a genuinely nice guy!
Parker is an excellent teacher. I took lessons from him for about 2 years before I relocated out of town. He took the time to help me learn the songs that I enjoy listening to and he helped me create a book of music so that I can always go back and practice the songs that I worked on with him. Most importantly, he is a genuine person who was invested in my growth as a student. I really appreciated all the work that he put into my learning (especially since I am a working professional with limited time for lessons). I wish I still lived in Atlanta and could continue to take music lessons with Parker. Check him out around town playing live shows too... He can play.