• Private Lessons

    Private lessons are scheduled in 30 or 60 min time slots on a weekly basis. Lessons are pro-rated and paid for in advance by AutoPay on the 1st of the… Continue Reading →

    $32.50 / half hour lesson
    $60 / hour lesson
    $30 / half hour additional family member
    $55 / hour additional family member
  • Teen Band

    Our “Teen Band” is led by Sean McMorris who teaches guitar and bass at Guitar Shed. Sean has plenty of experience in leading rehearsals and provides expert instruction on individual and group… Continue Reading →

    $25 / 75 min. rehearsal
  • Adult Band

    Our “Adult Band” is led by Brandon Marsolo who plays drums in addition to coaching the ensemble. The ensemble rehearses year round for performances throughout the year. Brandon has plenty of experience… Continue Reading →

    $30 / 90 min. rehearsal
  • Jaminals

    Our teachers are on a first name basis here at the Shed, but when I am teaching little guys they refer to me as Mr. Parker. Before opening Guitar Shed,… Continue Reading →

    $16 / class